examples of exits are:
    • A concluded missive to sell on
    • A mortgage offer
    • A decision in principle letter from a bank
    • Development Finance offer letter for post acquisition
    • Any proof of ability to repay loan after term.
Note: The criterias listed here are a general example of a normal set of conditions.
Other Criterias & Fees
    • Loan Term: 1 – 12 Months.
    • Rate: From 0.44% per month.
    • Entry Fee: From 1%.
    • Exit Fee: From nil to 2% depending on the deal.
    • Legal Fees: On a case by case basis.
    • Adverse Credit: Usually accepted but explanation required.
    • Bankruptcy: Accepted as long as discharged.
Fast & Efficient

We understand that great opportunities come once in a lifetime. We act fast from application to the funded stage. 

Maximum Loan to Value is 75% of the Open Market Value (OMV) – less fees, costs and interest. 100% Funding available subject to criteria.

Bijoux Financier LLC is funded directly through our network of private equity funds but also has access to venture capital and hedge funds, meaning that we have an unlimited source of capital for your project or venture. Terms and interest rates offered do depend on the amount of funding required and loan term but start from just 0.44% per month, in many cases interest payable can be ‘rolled up’ into the loan for an agreed period. Our Investors are looking for the bridging loan to make good business sense so even if your enquiry does not fit within perceived normal bridging finance lending parameters if it makes sense then we can usually help.

Facility Letter Service

At Bijoux Financier LLC we understand the pressures faced by property investors and entrepreneurs in the reality of the property market, and it is to that end that we have developed and can offer a Facility Letter service that can be used for many reasons in the property negotiating process such as;

    • Showing Proof of Funds to negotiate a favourable price
    • Showing Proof of Funds to stave of creditor pressure if refinancing
    • Showing Proof of Terms to negotiate favourable terms
    • Showing Proof of Funds to beat competition at an Auction or repossession situation

These are some of the reasons why having access to confirmation of funding can really put you in the driving seat when involved in the highly competitive property market. Our fees for this service are based on a sliding scale of the property value:

AED200  > AED0 – AED100,000
AED300  > AED100,001 – AED200,000
AED400  > AED200,001 – AED300,000
AED500  > AED300,001 – AED400,000
AED600  > AED400,001 – AED500,000
AED700  > AED500,001 – AED1,000,000
AED800  > AED1,000,001 – AED2,000,000
AED2000  > AED2,000,001 – AED4,000,000
AED3000  > AED4,000,001 – AED8,000,000
AED5000  > AED8,000,001 and over