Our unique place in the UAE lending market has a number of ongoing investment opportunities, Funds, Sophisticated Investors to maximise return on capital during these times of historic low returns. Typically this would be done via the provision of a first charge secured bridging loan returning upwards of 12% per annum and in some cases 50% per annum on the higher risk deals.

There’s also the opportunity for Joint Ventures and Equity Stakes in the opportunities that are presented to Bijoux Financier LLC and our Lending Partners on a day-to-day basis.

If you are in the finance sector, then please enquire about our partner programme to find out how you could benefit from this fast paced exciting environment. We work with you to establish what area of the private Bridging Loan market you are interested in, along with the returns you would like to achieve, and if an enquiry matches your criteria we put you in touch with the borrower.

It’s that simple! So, if you represent a High Net Worth individual or a sophisticated Investor, then get in touch with us below.

We know that many other lenders advertise that they’re both unique and different, as well as offering bespoke solutions for financing.

We use our years of experience to tailor unique solutions to suit the borrower and their requirements. This experience allows us  to be more open minded and approach each case differently. This is why we have garnered the reputation to take on deals that other lenders wouldn’t necessarily take on through lack of knowledge and understanding of the clients requirements. Our team of professionals focus on the underlying asset, and we pride ourselves on coming up with solutions for the most complex of cases.